Dr Luc Perrin on Pope François

I found this in the French Forum Catholique – my translation. Professor Luc Perrin teaches history at Strasbourg University and is someone I esteem and respect.

* * *

This is a very clear rejection of fundamentalism, which is normal because it is a Catholic prelate expressing himself, but the rejection of a vision – itself a caricature – of “traditionalism” is more questionable. He confirms what we knew about Cardinal Bergoglio in his approach to what was perceived as important by Benedict XVI: at this level, Francis will most likely be a “pope of rupture” in the words of Mr Guénois which seems right.

Very significantly, the Pope has just this Sunday quoted a work of a good theologian, so he says, Cardinal Kasper: when we know that Cardinals Kasper and Ratzinger frontally and publicly clashed about ecclesiology and whom John-Paul had supported … Ratzinger, we take stock of how deep the rupture will be.

Attachment to popular piety is real in Pope Francis, as Cardinal Bergoglio had previously shown. This is true for Paul VI and the commentary is right about Evangelii nuntiandi (1975), a major text constantly praised by Pope John Paul II.

However, Paul VI did not shine out by his unbridled optimism: if he speaks of the devil like Paul VI, Francis seems to resemble more Pope John XXIII in his style precisely in the optimism displayed by Pope Roncalli from 1962.

Strongly heir of John Paul II on ethical issues, Pope Francis seems more Roncallian in his general approach than Montinian: Paul VI was anxious to reassert the Petrine prerogative in a time when anarchy prevailed in the Church. I don’t think that is the priority of the new Pope.

This is what the sulphurous Cardinal Mahony said, who voted for Ratzinger in 2005, and is very happy today. What did the Cardinals want in 2005? There has probably been a mistake about the vote of the previous conclave where already, after Martini, Cardinal Bergoglio had been the alternative candidate with at least 40 votes. Wojtylian-Roncallian, so the new pope seems to appear in his first choices, gestures and words.  To be continued…

* * *

Remember how Cardinal Kasper went to Castel Gandolfo to tell Benedict XVI to shut up? Cardinal Kasper and the Ordinariate – chilling…

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