Hans Küng is extremely delighted

For a conservative, this would be a damning indictment for the Franciscan Papacy. From the little I have read of Hans Küng, particularly his introduction to Hans Bernard Hasler’s How the Pope became Infallible, he seems to be more of a progressive Old Catholic than a Protestant. I actually found some of his reflections concerning papal infallibility to be of great interest.

What is it about Pope Francis Küng most likes about him? We will find out in time. Is doing down Roman centralism characteristic of a Jesuit, the Ultramontane order par excellence since the Counter Reformation? Does Küng think Pope Francis will hand everything on a plate to the media and accept women bishops and the LGBT agenda? On both of those counts, he may be very disappointed. This newspaper article comes out with the same old tired mantras, not even worth the bother of naming because they are always the same.

Küng doesn’t seem to be as delighted as all that as he expresses a doubt in his question.

The decisive question is whether he will carry out the reforms that were blocked by his predecessors? Or, will he simply let things continue to go on, the way they were going at present. If he embarks on a reform course he will find broad support in the church throughout Europe, North America and Latin America — all over, but if he continues on the present course, the call to rise up and revolt will grow louder in the Catholic Church and provoke reforms from below without hierarchical approval.

Küng fails to take into consideration the fact that most Catholics aren’t interested in any kind of religion. Surely the proof of that is that the American Episcopal Church headed by Ms Jefferts Schori, which has implemented all the progressive and media-driven reforms, is not producing any kind of evangelisation or spiritual renewal, but rather – – – death.

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