Palmar de Troya

This is just a little sideshow whilst thinking of Spanish-speaking Popes, perhaps to go with some of those bishops who misrepresent themselves as Roman Catholics. So, don’t take this article too seriously. I have never had anything to do with this sect (they brainwash people, divide families, get lots of money out of people, break the law, etc.) and I would not recommend anyone to join them.

The story of this singular cult in the Andalusia region of southern Spain is known in some quarters and obscure in others. Here is an introduction to the so-called Palmarian Catholic Church founded at the end of 1975 with alleged apparitions of Our Lady to a group of children and the whole thing being taken over by a pair of fraudsters. Iglesia católica palmariana is in Spanish but better documented. A satirical film has been made in Spanish called Manuel y Clemente portraying Clemente Dominuez y Gomez and Manuel Alonso Corral as a pair of homosexuals and cynical fraudsters. Whatever happened, this group got hold of a lot of money and support at the beginning, enough to build this cathedral!


Palmar Cathedral interior


Palmar Cathedral exterior


Clemente Dominguez y Gomez (pope Gregory XVII) leading a procession of cardinals (actually a cortège, since in a procession, the highest ranking prelate is at the rear)


Peter II who died in 2011


Gregory XVIII – since 2011

alejandro-ixArgentina also has a funny set-up – Iglesia Católica Apostólica Remanente with a blog on Iglesia Católica en el Exilio, also mostly in Spanish. Their pope never shows real photos of himself, but uses Photoshop to graft the head of a young Anglican curate of St Clement’s Philadelphia onto the body of Benedict XVI. If he exists, the real name of this man is Alejandro Tomás Greico and he is only 29 years old!

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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