Passion Veiling

Some Anglican and Latin rite churches veil the crucifixes and statues from Passion Sunday in violet cloth. Of course it is a non-issue since we in the English tradition have the Lenten Array from the beginning of Lent.

Also, for Passiontide, we go into bull’s blood red vestments with black orphreys, or black with red orphreys.

Also, in the Use of Sarum, the Gloria Patri is dropped at masses of saints as of the feria, we haven’t uttered the Gloria in excelesis any more than the Alleluya since the day before Septuagesima Sunday – nor Ite missa est. This is one domain where it seems the Roman rite is mistaken. In the older uses, the sanctoral is under the “authority” of the temporal cycle.

Next Sunday, Palm Sunday, the crucifix on the Rood Screen will be unveiled.

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One Response to Passion Veiling

  1. AbpLloydOSJV says:

    “Sanctoral under the authority of the Temporal cycle” have always thought it should be.

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