April Fools Jokes

I haven’t told any and they don’t really correspond with my sense of fun. The April Fools Joke has to have some measure of credibility to it, to have people going for a while. Here in France, they call an April Fools joke a poisson d’avril, because a joke or hoax is called a fish. We say in English that someone is weaving a fishy yarn, it sounds fishy, meaning that is is to some extent false, either as a joke or with intent to deceive.


It without doubt comes from the tales of anglers and their stories about the one that got away, and the size indicated by the distance between their hands increases with every second!

I remember the English TV show Look North (it’s still going!) and our being shown a way to catch fish by running an electric cable alongside the fishing line and baiting the hook with a miniature watertight loudspeaker playing music! Other years, we had spaghetti trees and a transistor wireless set that ran on gas! They show all sorts of curiosities, educational items and local news. I watched it faithfully each day after the Six O’clock News on BBC1, and I loved it, even as a little boy.

I have read on some blogs about Society of St Pius X bishops concelebrating the Novus Ordo and similar stories. Frankly, they stretch my patience. So, this is why I am not cracking any on this blog.

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2 Responses to April Fools Jokes

  1. Patricius says:

    As the Noël Coward song goes, “there’s always something fishy about the French!”

  2. His Holiness Francis celebrating the TLM wearing a lace alb?

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