Prayers for our Bishop

Bishop Damien Mead had a bad accident – Bishop’s Accident 1st June 2013. A heavy display cabinet in the ACC church shop in Canterbury fell onto his foot causing a lot of damage, enough to cause great pain, the need for surgery and his being handicapped for several months.

Human feet are sensitive things. When I was received into the ACC last April, I had something like tendinitis or strained ligaments in my left foot and I had difficulty walking for a few days. Problems and injuries with feet are excruciating, and we only appreciate them when we get better from some problem. My problem got better in a few days. This injury suffered by our Bishop will take much longer to heal. There is no comparison, but I feel for him!

Please pray for him as he soldiers on with his ministry and the ongoing installations in the new church shop.

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4 Responses to Prayers for our Bishop

  1. Patricius says:

    Feet pain always reminds me of that Keeping Up Appearances episode where Hyacinth Bucket lets on to her friends and neighbours that Richard has gout when in fact he has an in-grown toenail. There is nothing funnier than a social climber and snob. Basil Fawlty is funny in that respect too.

    • Patrick, I don’t know who you have in mind in this caricature. Bishop Mead had an accident serious enough to need morphine, surgery and months of being heavily handicapped. If it’s me you’re on about, I don’t go on much about aches and pains, but sometimes we have to suffer. I can only suspect that you, as someone still very young, have never had any accidents involving broken bones, torn ligaments, sprained tendons and all the things orthopaedic surgeons are interested in. I can assure you that such problems are very painful and handicapping, and I pray they never happen to you.

      A little more sensitivity, please.

  2. Neil Hailstone says:

    Patricius, In my second professional career I was a Podiatrist. Reading about the accident it is very clear that the Bishop was seriously injured and in great pain. His treatment will be further complicated by pre existing medical conditions. Frankly I must say that you post was wholly inappropriate.

    • Dale says:

      As someone who also suffers from foot problems, mine caused by a hereditary arthritis, I do believe that we need to cut Patricius some slack here; he is young, which can be construed perhaps as a disability, when I was his age, I often made fun of my aged great aunties with their complaints of arthritic pain…now I am much older, and now understand (and thank God I live in a very dry climate).

      I pray that Bishop Damien has a speedy recovery.

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