Tuppence a Peek

The old Anglo-Catholic blog has shown a fluttering of life (the first since a posting in January 2013 about traditionalist RC matters) with an article about possibilities for a new and definitive Mass liturgy for the Ordinariates. I have read rumblings here and there, but this seems to give the strongest indication that it would have more in common with the old Tridentine / English Missal rite than with the American Prayer Book and the Novus Ordo. However, it is surprising that secrets haven’t been better kept until the books are published.

Would Pope Francis approve of such a thing? We are no longer in the heady days of Benedict XVI!

Times have passed since I was kicked off that blog just under three years ago. My old articles are still there, and remind us of another era of the ordinariate movement. I moved on long ago – and I can only wish the Ordinariates well and that The Anglo-Catholic will find a new and useful role.

Update: Keep your secret secret!

A comment on this blog article seems to be from someone who is privy to the Prefect’s secrets. It reminds me a little of the Finis Africae in the secret library of The Name of the Rose. To whet our appetites, ordinariate folk are promised “elements of the Sarum Use“. I wonder which ones, because many things are called Sarum. I suppose they will find out soon enough.

We are in the process of developing a “catholic” Mass, meaning universal, and all will have to make certain compromises. – sounds like the Frankenliturgy maker Bugnini. All the same it’s secret, not even the Squadron Leader’s dog Nigger can go in there! Top security and all that… I remember the insulated double door of my old superior’s office. Loose lips sink ships.

Anyway, it’s not my problem. I have a Sarum Use that was republished in the nineteenth century. No liturgy is perfect. At least it doesn’t have to be concocted and it isn’t secret. It can be found in any good theological faculty library in England or on the Internet – and there isn’t even a copyright on it. Most of our clergy use the Anglican Missal, also a complete rite that needs no further work.

It seems that not all preferences will be included. I suppose that depends on who wants what – probably the whole reason for this thing being classified top secret, for eyes only and all the rest.

Again, I wish them the best of British luck, and a stiff upper lip as they put their best foot forward.

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  1. the American Prayer Book

    Hmm… I wish I knew just exactly what this one was.

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