More Rig Questions

I still get quite a few searches, sometimes quite complex. Here are two from my stats page:

  • gaff jaws sail
  • home made sliding gunter rig sails

I assume the word sail was put in to refine the searches, since animals have jaws and Gunter or Gunther is a popular Christian name in Germany.

I have two nice boat building sites: Constructing a Mirror Dinghy, which has a section of making the gaff, and The Sliding Gunter: A versatile Traditional Sailing Rig. The difference between the Mirror gaff that works like a gunter (triangular and not a four-cornered sail) on one hand, and the older type gunter on other traditional rigs is seen.

I doubt many of my readers are into boat building. Even for those who will never build a boat, the technical aspects can often be helpful for us to understand “how it works”.

gaff_jawsThe gaff jaws are made of marine plywood and are screwed to the gaff, each with two brass or stainless steel screws. Gluing would be advisable, using epoxy resin. Make sure they are slightly further apart than the diameter of the mast, so that no jamming occurs. The old traditional rigs require study, and there is plenty of material on the internet. It helps to be good at rope-work – splicing and that sort of thing. It’s all wood, so can be made in anyone’s garage. It’s nearly the end of the season and time for boat building and maintenance work in the workshop.

Building a boat on the cheap? Duckworks is entertaining. You can even get on the water with little more than a plywood box and a tarpaulin – but I don’t guarantee you’ll win regattas with it!

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