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3 Responses to Evolution?

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  2. Neil Hailstone says:

    My sense of humour! Amusing that. Looking around me in everyday life I dread to think where the human race is going in terms of obesity.

    • Medical opinion is changing from considering obesity as moral gluttony to being a medical condition for which people need help. The current climate of discrimination and making fat people the butt of jokes and pariahs is not helpful. There is a whole psychological dimension to deal with, and nutritionists work more closely with psychiatrists to get a deeper scientific understanding.

      The most obvious thing is that people eat too much, above all the wrong things – carbohydrates and sugar above all. Sweetened drinks and junk food are the worst culprits. Wheat, corn and rice are cheaper than fruit and vegetables. The other element is the sedentary lifestyle. People used to get out and about in the old days, not just for sport but also for their daily work. We are too dependent on motor vehicles. Physical activity effects how our metabolism and hormones work in the body to keep things well-adjusted. Adequate sleep is vital too. Ex-smokers put on a lot of weight, as there is increasing pressure to “kick the weed”. Prescription medicines can often be to blame. Many doctors over-prescribe drugs.

      Modern medical research has highlighted the negative aspects of dieting, which can do more harm than good. Not everyone gets fat, and it is extremely difficult to deal with when it does happen, especially with children. Bariatric surgery is possible in extreme cases with physical modifications of the digestive system. No modification of the body is benign. As with anything, prevention is better than cure.

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