Did I cause the Retro-Church blog to disappear?

I have also noticed that Retro-Church had been deleted, even before discovering the article mentioned below. It is rare for blogs to be deleted, but they are sometimes put into hiatus as I have done with The Anglican Catholic. I myself deleted a blog about two years ago, before starting this one.

This morning, I found Retro-Church Blog Vanishes.

Retro-Church, an Anglo-Catholic blog that featured many articles written by ACC Metropolitan Mark Haverland and two or three ACC priests, has vanished into thin air.  Several days ago I asked one of the blog’s principals about what happened.  He wasn’t sure, but said he’d investigate the issue and let me know.  Thus far, no word.  I wonder if it has anything to do with this.

Is this some kind of conspiracy or machination on my part? I will give a simple explanation.

This blog (As the Sun in its Orb and New Goliards) is almost two years old, and I express myself on it as a personal blog. I said in my disclaimer that what I say does not engage the Church or diocese I belong to as a priest. I am loyal to my Church, but I am also an individual with ideas, convictions and interests. I also write on matters not connected with even religion, let alone the ACC, for example my sailing. I experience dinghy cruising and the wonders of the sea through my experience as a Christian and a priest. A blog is for sharing ideas and provoking constructive discussion, something like students at a seminar or gentlemen in an old-fashioned English pub.

My explanation is that I have corresponded with Archbishop Haverland, and he has been most positive and encouraging about my running something like an official blog for the ACC, as completely distinct from my personal blog. To do this, it would be necessary to have a team of blog authors writing material of appropriate quality and interest. Otherwise, there would be no point in it. I can say that out of some of those who might potentially be interested, one has a very busy professional life and hasn’t even the time for his own blog. I will not say any more about what has been discussed in private. This question of building up a group is the determining factor. Therefore I am leaving The Anglican Catholic blog in hiatus indefinitely. On my own, it is unnecessary because I already have my own blog, this one. This project has been there for some time, and the Retro-Church remained, though not updated for some time.

The disappearance of Retro-Church seems to have been an independent event, and at a time when The Anglican Catholic blog has itself been in hiatus for some time. Namely, there were no new events that would have caused Retro-Church‘s blogger to make the decision to delete his blog.

The reasons for the deletion of Retro-Church are therefore completely independent from my own activity as a blogger. There has been no covert conspiracy, and I have done nothing to cause this event like, for example, writing private correspondence.

From my side, there is nothing to report.

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