Brother John Charles Vockler

archbishop_jcI have received word from Australia, via the Archbishop and Bishop Damien Mead, that Brother John Charles is very ill in hospital. He has been anointed and we have been asked to pray for him. We are not certain whether he will recover, clearly things are serious.

The Most Revd Brother John Charles Vockler FODC, was elected and enthroned as the Metropolitan of our Original Province in October 2001 after the death of Archbishop Cahoon at the beginning of the month.

Brother John Charles, founder and Minister General of the Franciscan Order of the Divine Compassion joined the ACC in January 1994 after a long and distinguished ministry in the Anglican Communion. He retired in October 2005, when our present Metropolitan, Archbishop Mark D. Haverland of Athens, Georgia, was elected to replace him.

Update – 14th January:

We have this information from Archbishop Haverland via my Bishop:

Father Kirby reports that Archbishop John-Charles has perked up.  His breathing is back to normal and the pneumonia seems to have cleared.  Father K. told him that I may visit in May, and that also perked him up.  His short term memory is very poor now, but he has good days when he is surprisingly alert.  His personality remains intact – he is polite, thanks people for attentions, and responds appropriately to questions.  Anyway, thank you for your prayers.  In this case we have a happy issue for this affliction.

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One Response to Brother John Charles Vockler

  1. Shall do Father. Ironically I am the Australian Diocese and we have not been notified about this.

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