Two Years Old

Set up on 17th January 2012, this blog is two years old. Its first post is Invitation, expressing my anxiety to be away from the old Ordinariate / TAC polemics that plagued the English Catholic blog I closed down. It has expanded beyond the original intentions, resumed some of the concerns of my old blog but got rid of the “poison” that just kept weighing it down and wheeling the same tired arguments back in time and time again. Those pains are far behind and lessons have been learned.

Time goes on, and some of us still carry on, plugging away and contributing something to discussion. I seem to have found the right balance with my moderating policy and a detached attitude. Nothing replaces experience.

Statistics are fairly constant, peaking in January and March 2013 and averaging out at around 15,000 hits a month or about 500 a day. Comments are prolific on the Orthodox Blow-Out Department. Most other postings get a few comments.

My most popular topics are Continuing Anglicanism and my various reflections. Almost as many read my posts on the liturgy. My articles about sailing don’t bore everybody’s socks off, and my search box gets questions about practical aspects like rigging.

Blogs need to be varied and the blogger needs to think about what people are interested in and where he or she feels that a positive contribution can be made. With such an idea in mind, we just keep calm and carry on.

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2 Responses to Two Years Old

  1. Dear Father Anthony,

    Happy anniversary! Your blog is great. Your calling in God is authentic. Your ministry of encouragement is real. You inspire us to pray. You make us think.

    Thank you & God bless you.

  2. Michael Frost says:

    Fr. Anthony, May God grant you, your wife, and your blog many, many more years! I mean, what would we do without the Orthodox Blow-out Department? Yes, variety is wonderful. And so is passion. Along with reason. And a most healthy dose of humour! With a splash of sailing thrown in… 🙂

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