Pope’s ID going Viral

Sometimes, I wonder whether people are looking for something to talk about. Pope Francis has obtained a new passport from his native country – BERGOGLIO, Jorge Mario. Well, one might protest, he is the Pope and is supposed to have Vatican identity papers and nationality.

I suppose I’m not the Pope, but here’s mine:

passportI live in France, yet I still renew my passport with the British Consulate in Paris. Yes, I have remained British and I am allowed to live and work in France by virtue of being a national of a member State of Europe. I doubt whether my passport will go viral!

Well, there we are. Pope Francis is Argentinian. What a surprise!

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4 Responses to Pope’s ID going Viral

  1. clairveaux says:

    Well we do have to guess, it’s not like he’s going to come right out and say he doesn’t want to be pope. I like how he spinned it though, making out like he was just being humble and going through the normal route of getting a passport like anyone else would. This guy has got to be the humblest man on the planet.

    • My first reaction to the various articles about his papers was to ask how they got photographed and reproduced. I don’t think the Argentinian Consulate in Rome would release them to all and sundry.

      Humble? Proud? It seems not to make any difference. When I was a student in London in the 1970’s, we had a Student Union newspaper, and one story in it was The Adventures of Micky Drivel. I have the impression of reading the same Existentialist stuff again!

      Perhaps he’ll make sure his successor is elected the same way as the President of the Italian Republic…

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