Website Up and Running

My website As the Sun in its Orb is up and running after its recent ruthless haircut (be assured, I still have my hair!). The links are restored, updated or deleted because the subject matter is no longer in existence.

The site consists of four main pages: the title, an introduction, a page on the Use of Sarum and a page on the liturgy in general. There are html files accessed from the Sarum and general liturgical pages. Each of those files have a link back to their referring page. Only the four main pages link to each other.

If there are still problems with links not working, missing photos or other inconsistencies, please post a comment and let me know. I would also welcome suggestions and links to update the site and improve it as a reference resource.

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2 Responses to Website Up and Running

  1. Timothy Graham says:

    Very glad to see this up and live again Fr Anthony: I see also that Wm Renwick’s work is ever adding to his Breviary work. One thing I have wondered is whether it would be possible to put together a website with English translations of all the Lessons from the patristic homilies, legends of the saints etc. for use at Sarum Matins… they will all be available on The Sarum Rite at some point, but are all on pdf & therefore not so accessible for daily use (unless one can print off 1000s of pages). I have no idea if a free wordpress website would manage this kind of thing though, as it would build up to a massive amount of data.

    • This is why I have both a static website and this blog. I can’t use the free blog for very much in the way of a large volume of data. My site has quite a lot of space on it. I pay for it but at a basic level without too many gimmicks. The best thing is to be patient with William Renwick and his work at producing this fine edition. Of course it could be printed but the cost of printing and binding would be astronomical. We can do our own printing recto-verso and bind sections in ring binders, but it is not as “nice” as a book. It’s a pity we couldn’t get Donald Trump or Bill Gates interested in financing an edition – but still the books would be unaffordable.

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