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Concordat Videos

Biretta tip to Fr Junathan Munn – Concordat! I can only say – watch the videos and thank God for this historical step. Also see Fr Robert Hart’s Forty Years Long… Advertisements

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Bliss it was in that dawn to be alive…

I quote Wordsworth as he saluted the French Revolution, that is until La Veuve began to drench the streets of Paris in blood! The sentiment can perfectly apply to the news coming from the combined Synod in America. Joint Synod … Continue reading

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News from America

Update: A fair amount of talk is happening on Facebook. There is the neologism angrican, taken from Anglican and angry, but on the whole, the cantankerous elements are in a tiny minority. They are generally those who object to the … Continue reading

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Lots of Little Pointed Hats

Fr Jonathan Munn has now provoked me into a reflection about the Episcopate by writing Vaccinations for Purple Fever. In his turn, he found inspiration in my article about the less edifying aspects of our Church’s history. The Episcopate has been … Continue reading

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Our Archbishop’s Blog

Archbishop Mark Haverland has set up a blog. According to his Facebook entry: I have begun posting some miscellaneous liturgical and theological writing in a blog. I may or may not continue. Some of you might find it of some … Continue reading

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Conservative Anglicans

I meant to go for a long sail today along the east coast of the Contentin from Barfleur, but the weather started looking nasty already this morning in advance of what was predicted by the forecast. There’s an old saying … Continue reading

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American Church? English Church?

Another fine article from Fr Jonathan Munn: Can there any good thing come out of America? I have been four times to the USA: January 1998 to Maryland, June 2002 and a year later to Tennessee and in December 2003 … Continue reading

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