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Gallicanism, France’s “Anglicanism”

I have often expressed the idea of Anglicanism as an “English Gallicanism”. What was Gallicanism? The Wikipedia article is quite a good introduction from the historical point of view. Gallicanism is a rejection of ultramontanism; it is akin to a … Continue reading

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Via Media

The title might seem provocative, since Newman’s reaction against that idea figured in his decision to become a Roman Catholic in early nineteenth-century England and Rome. He came up against the “brick wall” of what amounted in the Church of … Continue reading

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More Light from Archbishop Haverland

Mea culpa! I keep neglecting his splendid blog. Please read his Charge to Synod from earlier this month. I really do hope I will have the opportunity of meeting Archbishop Haverland one day.

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Reflections on the Prayer Book

My brother in the priesthood Fr Jonathan Munn has written some reflections on the Prayer Book in Why I don’t use the Book of Common Prayer. That is certainly a provocative subject, especially with our American brethren identifying as Anglicans, … Continue reading

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The Numbers Game

I would appreciate  help in finding elements of an answer David Llewellyn Dodds’ question “Without giving undue weight to the matter, I would be interested in knowing the membership/average attendance numbers of the seven Continuing Churches being discussed, should they … Continue reading

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Concordat Videos

Biretta tip to Fr Junathan Munn – Concordat! I can only say – watch the videos and thank God for this historical step. Also see Fr Robert Hart’s Forty Years Long…

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Looking for Ships

I’m finding this Looking for a Ship blog quite fascinating in its own right. It is run by Fr C, but it is not clear who this priest is or which institutional Church he belongs to. Perhaps he or one of … Continue reading

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